Sale | POS - Setup printer and Print bills

With POS Online, you can bills for the bar/kitchen, and paper bills or eBill for customer via the web browser. To have the best experience, you should use POS Online on Google Chrome. Follow the below guide to configure the Chrome's settings for printing.

Notes: Google Chrome settings will be saved into the Google account, so you should login to your Google account before adjusting printing settings in Chrome.

1. Print Paper Bill - Adjust settings in the printing window

  • Printer: if your PC has been set up to connect with multiple printers concurrently, make sure you have checked and selected the correct name of the printer you want to use.
  • Copy: input the number of copies you want to print.
  • Paper settings: click on "More settings" to adjust the Margins, Paper size for the printed bill:
  • Margin: select Custom from the list. Each printer will have its own settings, therefore, you should try to drag the grids around and then press Print to print out until you get the best printing version.

2. Print eBill

Step 1. Configure eBill

  • Open Settings page by accessing Manage/Settings.

  • Select "Bill" tab.

  • Select "eBill | save paper ~ save life" and "Save" to enable this feature.

  • Input below informations to create your own eBill:

    • Logo: You can upload Logo with any size you want. Note: if you want your customers to share eBill on social pages, you should upload Logo or image (to share Promotion, Happy Hour, Event or Message of your places) in 1201x628 pixels.

    eBill 2

    • Name, Address, Phone, Website, Wifi pass, Remark.
  • Scroll down to view the full demo of the bill.

  • Once you've completed configuring Bill settings select "Save" to save updated settings or "Reset" to reset the last settings.

  • Notes: if you want to create hyperlink to your website right on eBill, follow this structure to create: <a href="">Review us on Tripadvisor</a>. You can add as many hyperlinks as you want with the same structure, use "|" to as the partition between links.

eBill 3

2. Your staffs process the checkout and print the eBill on Mobile:


  • Print Bill on POS Online mobile as usual.
  • The eBill window will be opened:

eBill 4 new eBill 5 new

  • Scroll down and show the QR code of eBill for customers. Customers scan it to access the Ebill on their mobiles. Then they can share or send the eBill by themselves.
  • Or select App activities (share to social pages, send messages via viber|whatsapp|messenger or send email) to share the eBill for customers.
  • After getting the eBill on their devices, your customers can also send their feedback, escalation, and information for your stores.

eBill 6 new

  • To avoid your staffs send feedback on their own, every eBill can just send feedback one time.

eBill 7 new