Inventory | Manage Purchase orders

The below guide will show you steps to manage and remove purchase orders.

Notes: Only accounts having the "Purchase orders" role in the Inventory section can manage and remove purchase orders.

Open "Inventory" menu and Select "Purchase orders"

Step 1: Manage Purchase orders

The purchase order page will display all information of purchase orders.

  • Select timing you want to get purchase orders information: Today|This week|This month or any custom time range (not greater than 100 days).

  • All purchase orders with their details will be displayed.

  • There are 2 kinds of statuses' purchase orders:

    • Import: the normal purchase order.
    • Cross docking: the purchase order with the cross-docking option.
  • You can export the purchase order data by an excel or pdf file.

En 45 1 F&B&Accommodation Inventory ManagePurchaseOrder

  • Select the purchase order you want to review.

    • Import order:

    En 45 2 F&B&Accommodation Inventory ManagePurchaseOrder

    • Cross docking: you can find the id of the corresponding export (*).

    En 45 3 F&B&Accommodation Inventory ManagePurchaseOrder

Step 2: Delete purchase orders

  • Select the purchase order you want to delete.

  • Click on "Delete" in the purchase order information window to delete the purchase order.

  • Once you've clicked on "Delete", the pop-up confirmation window will be opened:

    • If the purchase order is the normal import order: select 1st option if you want the system to update the inventory by deducting quantity of all purchase products in the deleted purchase order, select 2nd option if you want to update the inventory manually by yourself.

    En 45 4 F&B&Accommodation Inventory ManagePurchaseOrder

    • If the purchase order is the cross-docking: the system will automatically delete the purchase order and the corresponding export order.

    En 45 5 F&B&Accommodation Inventory ManagePurchaseOrder

    • Once you've completed, select "Submit" to confirm the deletion or "Reject" to cancel the deletion.