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Why your F&B Business should switch to the eBill - Digital Receipt?

To see more green…go green! According to a recent survey, two-thirds of today’s restaurant customers are happy to spend further if a business applies eco-friendly actions. As the business owner, you should become the pioneer to inspire the "Sustainable Environment" spirit to your customers. "Small things can create the Bigger thing for the future world," so why not start to do something today at your restaurant?

From plastic straws, plastic cups, plastic boxes to paper menus, paper bills; restaurants generate quite a bit of trash - the industry average is an incredible 100,000 pounds per year. Making small differences to reduce paper, plastic, and polystyrene use can reduce landfill waste, change our air quality, and improve public health, without a significant impact on your wallet. So one of the ideas you should think about is Paperless in payment and in-store operation.

#1. Paper receipts are both a nuisance and an environmental threat

Every year, paper receipts consume 9.6 million trees, 115 million gallons of gas, and one billion gallons of water, in the US alone. They also produce over a billion pounds of trash that clog our landfills and emit CO2 emissions that damage the ozone. From Paper Calculator, we can see how big your restaurant impacts to the environment:

  • 0.02 Pound: weight of 1 Paper Receipt. Assume that your store has 100 transactions per day and you print 1 copy per transaction; 60 pounds is the paperweight, your store consumes every month.
  • So here is the impact of your paper receipt printing activity to Lifecycle Environment monthly:

posonline paperless

  • So here is the impact of your paper receipt printing activity to Lifecycle Environment yearly:

posonline paperless 2

If you do not print the paper receipts anymore, you can save near 8 trees every year. Moreover, together we can protect a forest.

#2. eBill - It's smart business

On a basic level, digital receipts allow businesses to reduce costs over time and increase efficiency at the cashier. It means your sale process is now more optimized by reducing the step of printing customers' bills. In some cases, this step is one of the most disasters with your staffs: having issues with the printer, many checkout bills at the same time. Now with the eBill, you can have happier customers and save some money, about a cent per receipt adds up. 

Moreover, do you see your customers need your bills and go home with them? The fact is more than half of customers leave the receipts on restaurant tables when they go out of your restaurant. Thus, the roles of receipts are just for the business purpose through keeping the bill to claim back or rechecking before processing the payment:

  • With the 1st role, by the eBill sent to customers' emails or messages; your customers now can easily access and submit for their companies. The average business person spends 7 work days a year dealing with and reporting receipts. Now they can conveniently search their Inbox and be sure their records won't be lost. Reduce time and losses; your customers are more than happy with this way. 
  • With the 2nd role, by mobile POS; your staffs can show the bill for customers to double check and confirm before processing the payment. Through this way, you can even optimize more the sale process for your stores.

Even more, better saving and faster searching for your restaurant information when called for, is also the way this feature supports your F&B businesses.

Now, are you ready to change for the better world?

How does "eBill" work?

With eBill of POS Online, you do not need to print bills for customers; even your staffs do not require to ask customers for their email to send the eBill. Your customers can easily access the eBill by themselves by Scanning the QR code of the eBill on their mobiles.

1. Enable the "eBill":

  • Open Settings page by accessing Manage/Settings.
  • Select "Bill" tab.
  • Select "eBill | save paper ~ save life" and "Save" to enable this feature.
  • Logo: You can upload Logo with any size you want. Note: if you want your customers to share eBill on social pages, you should upload Logo or image (to share Promotion, Happy Hour, Event or Message of your places) in 1201x628 pixels.


eBill 2

  • Name, Address, Phone, Website, Wifi pass, Remark.
  • Scroll down to view the full demo of the bill. Once you've completed configuring Bill settings select "Save" to save updated settings or "Reset" to reset the last settings.
  • Notes: if you want to create hyperlink to your website right on eBill, follow this structure to create: <a href=" https://www.tripadvisor.com.vn/Restaurants">Review us on Tripadvisor</a>. You can add as many hyperlinks as you want with the same structure, use "|" to as the partition between links.

eBill 3

2. Your staffs process the checkout and print the eBill on Mobile:


  • Print Bill on POS Online mobile as usual.
  • The eBill window will be opened:

eBill 4 new eBill 5 new

  • Scroll down and show the QR code of eBill for customers (2). Customers scan it to access the Ebill on their mobiles. Then they can share or send the eBill by themselves.
  • Or your staffs can select App activities (share to social pages, send messages via viber|whatsapp|messenger or send email) to share the eBill for customers.
  • After getting the eBill on their devices, your customers can also send their feedback, escalation, and information for your stores.

eBill 6 new

  • To avoid your staffs send feedback on their own, every eBill can just send feedback one time.

eBill 7 new