Customer Loyalty | Manage Customer Reward program

Customer Loyalty

With POS Online, you can build and manage the customer reward program. The below guide will show you steps to do this.

Notes: Only accounts having the "Customers" role in the Manage section can build the customer reward program.

Open "Manage" menu and Select "Customers"

Step 1: Build Customer Reward program

To build the reward program based on accumulated reward points, you need to create 2 customer groups at least. So that you can update the rule for accumulated reward points which customer has to get to upgrade to the new group with the better reward discount.

  • Select the customer group you want to update the rule for accumulated reward points.
  • Input the "Point" which customer has to get to upgrade to the new customer group in "Upgrade group".

Once you've completed updating the reward program for the customer group, select "Save" to save this program.

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Step 2: Apply Customer Reward program to sale order

  • Input the customer name or code to search the customer information.
  • The current reward points of this customer will be displayed in (1).
  • The reward discount by percentage or absolute amount of the customer group which this customer belongs to will be displayed in (2a). And (2b) is the absolute discount amount which calculated from the reward discount with this sale order amount (before VAT and service charge).
  • The recently accumulated reward points of this customer based on the total amount (before VAT and service charge) of the new sale order will be displayed in (3) on the customer bill.

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Step 3: Check Customer's Reward points

  • Select the customer you want to check the reward points and sale order information in Customer page.
  • The updated reward points of the customer will be displayed in "Exchange Point". Notes: the reward points are only updated when the sale order of the customer is finished and removed from the queue.
  • Click on "Get order information" to view all sale orders of the customer.

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