F&B Services | Create and edit Products for Sale

Key Highlights

  • To use the Point-of-sale feature to create sale orders, you need to create products for sale list first.
  • There are normally three kinds of product for sale: Sale product is purchase product, Processed products for sale and Combo created from two current products for sale.
  • Only accounts having the "Products for sale" role in the Manage section can create products for sale list.

Open "Manage" menu and Select "Products for sale", follow the below guide to create Products for sale list.

Create Product Category

From the Products for sale page, click on "Category".

Input the new product Category’s name in (a) of the opened Category window.

Once you've completed, click on "Add" to create the new product category, or "Reset" to clear the recently added information.


Create Product for sale


Step 1. Input Product Name & Price

You can input the price (a) in integer, or decimal number based on the configuration in the setting page.

If this product has more than one price (in-store price and take-away price or regular price and happy hour price, etc.); click on "Add another price" and input the other price in (b), belong with the remark for this price in (c).

You can add as many different prices as you want. For every price you've added, the system will create the new secondary product (with the remark as the suffixes on the name) corresponding to each price. The sale statistic for the product with many different prices will be summarized into one primary product.


Step 2. Select Product Category

Select the suitable category from the list or click on "Category" to add the new one.

Step 3. Select/Upload Product Picture

Select the picture from your currently available library or upload your new one.

Step 4. Select Suitable Product kind

Select "Sale product is purchase product" for products without processing at your restaurant/coffee shop (soft drinks (Coca-Cola, Lavie, etc.), Snacks, etc.):

  • They are products that you import one item of these products (one bottle of Coca-Cola), and you sell exactly one item (one bottle of Coca-Cola).
  • When selecting this product kind, the system will automatically create the corresponding product for purchase with the same name in products for purchase list. These products in product for purchase list are belonging to "Sale product "category.


Select "Combo" for products including from two created products for sale:

  • The combo will have properties of products belonging to the combo.
  • When selecting this product kind, you should create products belonging to the combo first.
  • To add products for the combo, click on "Add item" and input the name of the product you want to add into the combo in (a) to select from the result in (b), then input quantity of the product in (c). You can also click on (d) to view and select from the available products for sale list. Once you've completed, click on "Add" to add the product belong with the product's quantity into the combo. The combo information will be displayed in (e).


Processed products for sale:

  • They are products that need to be prepared or processed in the bar or kitchen of your restaurant/coffee shop before serving the customer. To sell a glass of Mocha, you will need to prepare a mix of ingredients (including coffee and milk) with a certain ratio.
  • When selecting this product kind, you need to measure the ingredient in the product to calculate the food cost, price the menu and control the inventory. The ingredient measurement and the food cost will be displayed the "Ingredient" box. You should do this part later after completing creating products for sale and products for purchase list.


Step 5. Save new Product for Sale

Once you've completed adding information for the new product for sale, select "Add" to create the new product for sale, "Reset" to clear the recently added information.