As the accommodation business owner, what is your most concern? You have places with unique designs, comfortable spaces, friendly staffs, and special foods and drinks, etc., but how to deliver these signatures to as many customers as you can? It’s clear that the accommodation owners always wish to find a way to optimize the booking performance and enhance the rating from customers, especially when coordinating with various booking agencies. Thus those businesses that have the opportunity to provide services for many customers and provide a certain level of service experience tend to get the high ranking on booking pages.  As the system provider, we will reveal some key and trending concerns to support you to not only optimize the booking operation belong but improve the customer experience of your accommodation business. That is the way we encourage you to deliver #Signatures. Once you’ve had the high traffic and provide the excellent customer experience, you do not need to invest in the promotion plan since your customers will be the promoter of the signatures for your brand.

We do not need anyone to tell us just how competitive the accommodation industry is. We are probably all too aware of that fact. Of course, the exact nature of the competition you face depends on factors such as your location and the markets you are in. But given the current scenario, the low visibility with the poor reviews can have a damaging effect on your business. So here are the two most emerging angles you should focus on:

Never miss a chance to make the traffic for your accommodation service:

It’s clear that listing your accommodation service on various booking pages belong with coordinate with many travel agencies are always the top-of-mind ways to increase the organic availability for your business. So that, as the hotel|resort|homestay manager, your job is very challenging since you have to manage the booking operation closely and effectively to coordinate well with your partners while increasing the occupancy rate.

They are the angles for the importance of the reservation operation. And these are also the reasons why you should have and maintain the simple, specific and stable reservation system that can consolidate all bookings of your places across a multitude of platforms so that they can be organized and available right in front of you in one user-friendly page. Here are just a few barriers for your chance:

  • Do not have the booking calendar to get the available room, in case you want to process the listing on the new booking page or dealing with the new travel agency.
  • Do not have enough information for the booking plan in next year.

It’s clear that doing this job by hand would not only take tons of time, but it would also be time away from your guests, where you could be helping them enjoy their stay. So is it strong enough for you to visit POS Online reservation management solution? With POS Online, you can:

  • Have the simple platform to create the booking and follow up with booking statuses by colors and calendar view from various partners continuously and conveniently.
  • Forecast the booking schedule by the agency by room type in the future time based on the historical report to have the suitable listing or coordinating plan.

 POS Online reservation management system

Focus on enhancing customer experience when they are at your place:

After you have the traffic for your accommodation service; if you do not do anything to deliver #Signatures of your sites, how can customers remember and leave the good review for your places? A recent TripAdvisor survey also emphasized this:

  • 65% of respondents are more likely to book hotels that win awards from TripAdvisor.
  • More than half of respondents (53%) will not book a hotel that does not have reviews.
  • 1 in 5 (20%) travelers read over 11 reviews before making a traveling decision.

Let’s face this: your customers can only feel the signatures through their experience at your places. Thus, having the smooth reservation system is just the starting part of your job, now you need to spend more time to enhance the customer experience through their stay.

As the same with the F&B service, there are also two emerging elements of the customer experience that matter to your customers:

1. Engage me: interact with travelers in a friendly, authentic way.

The check-in is also the welcome gate that will impress your guests in the first moment they visit your places. So if they see the mess in the check-in activity that causes the unfriendly on your staffs’ faces, they will have the not good feeling for your places. In another case, you make the guests feel entirely comfortable through their stay, but all things go wrong when your staffs have the mistake when processing the payment at the check-out.

Again, you can see the importance of the reservation system, and it takes the connection to the engagement of the guest with your place. Here are just a few things that can go wrong:

  • Have the same bookings for the same room at the same time in different booking pages.
  • Do not find out the booking number of the guests when they check in.
  • Do not consolidate all service bills of guests in the restaurant|bar to one bill.

With POS Online reservation system that can connect with the point-of-sale in the restaurant|bar, you can handle these things well:

Manage Booking Statuses and Connect F&B Service Bills to Booking Rooms with POS Online

2. Hear me: demonstrate awareness of the situation and acknowledge travelers’ needs.

How do you approach and respond to the guests’ feedbacks? How do you recognize and filter the “real” feedbacks and “fake” feedbacks? It’s time to focus on the real and constructive feedbacks since these are most valuable ways to support your business to improve the customer experience.

And why not you collect and respond to customers’ feedbacks right after they use services at your place? This is ideally to solve their claims and escalations, change their views and win their hearts again before they come back home and leave reviews for your places.

With POS Online, you can have conveniently and accurate feedback from your real customers by “Scan to Feedback” feature:

  • Your customers can leave their feedbacks on their eBill pages.
  • After your customers give feedbacks, you can check all these information immediately.

In the end, your job is about considering their feedbacks to have urgent improvement. Let’s make your customer surprised when they still stay in your places or visit in next time.

Customer Feedbacks for Accommodation with POS Online

In conclusion, the point is, appearing in the search result on booking platforms is essential but how your hotel|resort|homestay look is much more critical. Managing well the reservation operation to leverage all the traffic opportunities belong with build a strong customer experience that is supported by digital capabilities, smooth transaction, well-trained staffs, and in-depth data insight are critical. And if you do not want to miss the trend, you should start now. 

After all, the brand already knows how to make customers feel full. Now the challenge is to make them feel engaged, understood, and wanted — to make them feel like a part of the community, even in locations they may never have visited before. When that happens, the accommodation can deliver a great experience that offers much more than the room. 

As the individual maybe we cannot, but as the part of the community, we can together improve the customer experience through sharing, learning from each other. Let’s join POS Online community if you have the same mission with us.